Creative Textile Classes

Hi Everybody, My name is Jill Smith from the UK and l am a Textile and Mixed Media Artist and l also teach online classes so if you have ever said ONE day l am going to learn that, why don't you make this your ONE DAY. But as well as the classes l woud love to chat to other bloggers that love textile and mixed media arts.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Am having a problem uploading my class news letter, maybe as it big and long so will have to type smaller parts out, pity as it took ages to make it look good with the template l made, anyway you will see it soon and if anyone has any better ideas, would really love to hear them please pretty please........... don't like typing a lot as my hands object to it.

Creative Classes by Jill Smith

These are two Shibori dyed pannels.

If there is enough wanting to learn a
a class on Shibori let me know and I
will do a FREE CLASS.

This my fluff ball called Abbie, born in Scotand and in the first six months she was abused and the vet gave her 3 years but with a lot of work she is nearly 8.

Creative Classes

Hi, Everyone l will be posting a list of my classes as soon as l can and also put some picture's up.
But would love you to chat with me as l am a new blogger, have two websites but this is my first blog.
I am from Lincolnshire in the UK, its just a small town and l don't think anyone know's here what l do but the world does so thats all that matters.
I am now single and have a son and his wife and two super grand daughter's called Isabella and Francesco.
My other part of the family is Abbie my flame colour point persian who at this moment is rather scruffy as her winter coat is going and don't l know it ( fur everywhere) and summer one is coming through, will post a picture of her later
I love creating textile pieces and to be able to teach online l have had to take a lot of City and Guilds.
The picture on the left is a hanging l did and its called 'Summer Dreams of India' l have always wantedto go to India but the hanging is the nearest l have got to there colors and fabrics.
I do a class on so have taken the copyright of it as a lot wanted to do it .